EXCLUSIVE: National Assembly Service Commission Members Share 27 Vehicles as ‘Parting Gifts’

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An unprecedented crisis is currently rocking the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) over the sharing of the Commission’s vehicles by the Chairman of the Commission and 12 other National Commissioners whose tenure expired on 28th of July 2018.

The sharing of the vehicles by the officials has created severe anxiety and concern among the workers of the Commission who believe that the immediate past Commissioners and the Secretary to the Commission have defrauded the nation of vehicles worth several hundreds of millions of naira.

In a circular titled “Release of Toyota Hilux and Peugeot 508 Motor Vehicles” dated 26th, July, 2018, the Secretary to the Commission, Mr. Olusanya Ajakaiye instructed the Director of Procurement and General Services, Mrs Patricia Ibecheazor to release 14 NOS Toyota Hilux and 13 NOS 508 Vehicles to the Chairman and members of the Commission. Secretary to the Commission was also captured in the disbursement of the freebies.

The circular which was obtained by Daily Witness reads, in part, thus:

“At the 484 meeting of held on Wednesday, 26th JuIy, 2018, the Commission approved that letters of release of the Toyota Hilux and Peugeot 508 vehicles be issued to the Chairman and members of the Commission.”

But a source speaking on condition of anonymity, referred to the development as “forcible taking away of government vehicles, since they are not due for auctioning,” stressing that the action of the former Commissioners should attract severe punitive measures.

The source explained that upon their appointment as Chairman and Members (Commissioners) of the Commission, Toyota Camry vehicles were sold to them based on monetization policy of the Federal Government.

He said the vehicles that have now been “stolen” by the former Chairman and Members of the Commission were bought in December 2017 and are not due yet for auctioning, arguing that with the current development, the Commissioners have taken three vehicles each in breach of due process and in flagrant disregard for the incoming members of the Commission.

“We have never had this kind of fraudulent Commissioners before at the National Assembly Commission. The vehicles we are talking about were purchased only eight months ago, without faults, and in spite of all the pleas for these people to leave these vehicles behind for incoming members, they refused. It was discovered that the Chairman of the Commission, and his Commissioners, working with our very corrupt Secretary of the Commission had stolen these vehicles which they shared without any knowledge of the National Assembly Management.”

According to the visibly angry staff member at the Commission, there was no due process carried out on the boarding of the vehicles, which is a normal practice carried out by any government Ministry, Department or Agency after such vehicles have been used for up to 4 years.

Inside sources authoritatively confirmed to Daily Witness that extant laws of the procurement procedures were not followed for the said Peugeot 508 purchase as approval from the Senate President who is the Chairman of the entire National Assembly was not obtained before “ dashing out” the vehicles.

“There are government due processes to boarding vehicles, not individuals stealing them for their personal use,” the source said. Another source added: “The Chairman and Members (Commissioners) ran their shows without any regard for government due process”.

The beneficiaries of the largesse are Dr. Adamu Fika (Chairman); Dahiru Bako Gassol (North East); Alhaji Adamu Ningi (North East); Alhaji Abubakar III (North West); Alhaji Rufai Tuta (North West) and Elder Stephen Yepwi (North Central).

Others are Alhaji Abdulkadir Abugi (North Central); Hon. Abel Chukwu (South East); Godfrey Dikeocha (South East); Hon Risikat Alabi (South West); Barr. Lawuyi (South West); Dr. Paul Oweh (South South) and Mr. Orah Joseph (South South).

The Secretary to the Commission, Mr. Olusanya Ajakaiye, a career civil servant also benefited from the bounty.

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